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squaresStep 4: delivery of high quality care

Residents and their families may need access to a complex combination of services across a
number of different settings. Step 4 on the route to success is about the delivery of high quality
care and the expectation that residents should receive the same level of care regardless of whether
they live independently at home or in a care home.

Time: Half day
Aim: Achieve high quality care in care homes




By the end of the session the Care Home Representative will be able to:

• Identify a training plan for all staff in End of Life Care

• Identify how to access a complex combination of services across different settings

• Develop further the Care Home End of Life Care Policy.

Supporting Documents:                                                       

Attendance register  PDF

This basic register can be used at any events and workshops to keep a record of delegates.


The Routes to SuccessPDF

The programme is based on the Routes to Success and this document can provide further background to the programme. 


Staff knowledge, skills and confidence audit 

All the audit resources can now be found in the expanded Six Steps Audit section.  For guidance and tools around this audit please click here.  

Royal College of Nursing Dignity Pack 

Follow this link for information and resources on dignity from the Royal College of Nursing.  You may wish to purchase the RCN Dignity Pack to support you in the delivery of the workshops.


SCIE Dignity in care network 

Follow this link for information and resources on dignity which will support your workshops. 


Support sheet 6 PDF

This support sheet provides information around dignity in end of life care. 


National End of Life Care Programme Environment DVD

Contact the national End of Life Programme at for more information on obtaining this DVD.


SCIE Dementia Gateway

Follow this link for information and resources when considering environment at the end of life. 


Routes to Success: achieving quality environments for end of life care PDF

This guide identifies a number of key environmental principles to help improve privacy and dignity for patients and relatives.

These principles can help to support the bereaved, whose memories live on once their loved one has died.


Support sheet 15 PDF

This support sheet provides guidance on enhancing the healing environment. 


Step 4 to do list  PDF

This provides a checklist of actions which should be completed before the next workshop.


Evaluation form  PDF

This evaulation form can be used to allow delegates to provide any feedback.  This feedback will help facilitators to continually develop and improve the delivery of the programme. 






End of Life Care
Downloads   End of Life Care Strategy:PDF 
Downloads   Best Interests at end of life:PDF
Downloads   Advance Care Planning:PDF
Downloads   Preferred Priorities for CarePDF
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