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Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC)

You can record your advance care planning discussions in a Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) document. You can do this even if you have made a personal portfolio as there may be information in your personal portfolio, e.g. financial details, that you would not necessarily need to share with your doctors and other health and social care professionals involved in your care.

The PPC is for anyone who wishes to plan for their future end of life care It is a recognised end of life care tool used to help people with their advance care planning. It is a simple booklet with spaces for you to fill in with your thoughts and feelings about your illness, what is happening to you, your preferences and priorities for your future care and where you would like to be cared for in the future. You can include any information that is important to you such as where you would prefer to die if possible, who you would like to be consulted about decisions relating to your treatment if you are unable to decide for your self.

The PPC is kept by you but you need to inform the people involved in your care that you have a PPC. It can be helpful to carry your PPC with you when you attend hospital outpatient or GP appointments or if you are admitted to hospital or a hospice.

Make sure that your family and home carers know where your PPC is kept.

Follow the links below for more information and to download a copy:

Preferred Priorities of Care InformationPDF

Preferred Priorities of Care DocumentPDF

This kind of advance care plan is an advance statement of wishes and preferences. It is not legally binding but must be taken into consideration if you are unable (lack capacity) to make decisions for yourself.

End of Life Care
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