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Preferred Priorities for Care


This patient held document was designed to facilitate patient choice in relation to end of life issues.

Through good communication and by documenting patient and carers choices, they become empowered through the sharing of this information with all professionals involved in their care.

The PPC document provides the opportunity to discuss difficult issues that may not otherwise be addressed to the detriment of patient care. The explicit recording of patients/carers wishes can form the basis of care planning in multi-disciplinary teams and other services, minimising inappropriate admissions and interventions.

The PPC also records services available, services being accessed and reasons for changes in the care trajectory. PPC is a process, which facilitates service review, further empowering professionals to negotiate service requirements on the behalf of patients, becoming an integral part of service commissioning and design.



Click here for more information about the Preferred Priorities for Care and to download the document and the following supporting materials:

  • a copy of the awareness-raising leaflet
  • a copy of the PPC poster
  • a summary report of the findings from a pilot project exploring how awareness of the Preferred Priorities for Care documents could be raised using posters and leaflets

End of Life Care
Downloads   End of Life Care Strategy:PDF 
Downloads   Best Interests at end of life:PDF
Downloads   Advance Care Planning:PDF
Downloads   Preferred Priorities for CarePDF
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