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Janet has been so kind in providing us with her personal account of planning for the future and making important decisions.


Here is Janet's Story.  



" I just want to tell my story in the hope that it may help a few of you when you know the end of your life is near.

I’ve been lucky because I chose to end my treatment and understood the consequences of my decision.  I have time to prepare really well for my passing.

My family have been with me.  I’ve seen the friends who are very dear to me. My darling husband has been close by.  We have seen the vicar, chosen the hymns and arranged for my friend to do the flowers in the church.  We knew who we would like to cater for the ‘do’ afterwards.  I’ve written to my boys (four of them) and my husband.  I’ve also written a letter to be read out at the church service.  

I do like the last word.

After the service my boys have got 34 pink helium balloons.  34 is the number of years my darling and I have been married and when the service has finished my sons will give out the balloons and at a signal they will fly away.  I love the colour pink.
After all that, it’s up to everyone in their own way to decide what happens next.

I am content and feel great peace. "


Many thanks to Janet for sharing her experiences.


End of Life Care
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