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Family, friends and carers

Just as you have strong feelings about your illness and what is happening to you, your family, friends and carers will too and may try to hide their feelings or behave in a way you do not expect. They may not want to upset you and will act as if nothing is bothering them. They may even think that by being cheerful, your illness will go away. They may also:

  • want to blame someone for your illness
  • change the subject when someone talks about your illness
  • avoid talking to you about your illness
  • make jokes abut your illness
  • pretend to be cheerful all the time
  • stay away from you or keep their visits short




Health professionals are available to help you and your family to cope with your feelings. It is important for you to talk to them about how you are feeling so they can help you to find the support you need.

End of Life Care
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