Serious bleeding can be very frightening for you and your carers.  It can happen with certain types of cancer that invade blood vessels making them bleed.

It usually means that death is very close often occurring within minutes.

Often you may be so close to death that you are not aware of what is happening.  If you are aware, it can be hard to overcome feelings of panic and extreme anxiety.  Fast acting medication can be given by injection to help you feel calm and to reduce anxiety.


Seeing you bleeding heavily is absolutely awful for carers and they may panic and feel helpless. Staying calm is very hard.  Being warned that serious bleeding may occur is helpful because then you can be given advice on what to do and are more likely to stay calm.  Simple practical measures can make a difference.  It sounds obvious but covering blood with dark coloured cloths and towels does help.

If you at home your carers will have a contact number to call – this may be for the district nurse or community palliative care nurse.  She will usually come as soon as she can to help you.

If you are in a nursing home, hospital or hospice, staff will be on hand to help you and your carers.

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