2012-01-05Professionals NICE End of life care for adults quality standards Published November 2011: This NICE quality standard defines clinical best practice within this End of Life Care.  It provides specific, concise quality statements, measures and audience descriptors to provide the public, health and social care professionals, commissioners and service providers with definitions of high-quality care. The full End of Life Care for adults quality standard can be downloaded here.  See the NICE website here for further information. Read More →

2012-01-31General News National End of Life Care Programme Newsletter 41 In this issue: Focus on the Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) agenda Projects that offer both quality and productivity, such as Oxfordshire’s alternatives to emergency admission at the end of life and Birmingham’s Family Liaison Nurse Co-ordinator Service Spiritual needs at the end of life Dowload the January edition here.Read More →

2012-04-02General News National End of Life Care Programme Newsletter 43 In this issue: Focus on acute care How hospitals can help to achieve a ‘good death’ Five key enablers for achieving good end of life care: advance care planning, EPaCCS, rapid discharge home to die pathway, the AMBER care bundle and the Liverpool Care Pathway A decision support tool for ambulance staff Co-ordinating end of life care services in London Dowload the March edition here.Read More →