The Six Steps to Success programme has been developed in the North West of England by the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cancer Network, the Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network and the Cumbria and Lancashire End of Life Care Network with support from the National End of Life Care Programme.

The programme aims to enhance end of life care through facilitating organisational change and supporting staff to develop their roles around end of life care.  The programme is based on the six steps described in the Route to Success: a guide to improving end of life care in care homes.  The aim is to ensure all residents receive high quality end of life care provided by a care home that encompasses the philosophy of palliative care.

At the core of the Six Steps Programme is the nomination of a Care Home Representative from the care home.  Having a Care Home Representative for end of life care will ensure each care home has a champion who has access to current national and local information. They will be supported to develop their knowledge and skills and encouraged to empower staff within their organisation to deliver end of life care.

The Programme

The programme consists of eight workshops which will support and empower the care home representative to implement and embed the six steps to success within their care home.  The programme starts with an induction workshop and ends with a conclusion workshop.  The six core workshops in between will each cover one of the following steps:

Step 1     Discussions as the end of life approaches

Step 2     Assessment, care planning and review

Step 3     Co-ordination of care

Step 4     Delivery of high quality care in care homes

Step 5     Care in the last days of life

Step 6     Care after death

Alongside the core programme care homes staff will also receive training around Communication Skills, Advance Care Planning and the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The programme will support collaborative, multi-professional working across all settings and following successful completion of the programme, care home representatives will be encouraged to develop and attend a local care home forum to stay at the forefront of end of life care within their locality.


Care Home staff will be supported by an End of Life Care Facilitator from the local area who will deliver the Six Steps to Success workshops and provide support and education to all staff.


There is no charge for this programme.  All that is asked is that care homes commit to the programme by supporting a Care Home Representative to attend the full programme, and support, embed and sustain the organisational change required which will be demonstrated in a completed portfolio of evidence.

The following guide has been produced to accompany the programme and can be downloaded herepdf-3717447.

The guide contains all the information and workplans to enable facilitators to run each workshop and a more detailed programme overview.

Each workshop is accompanied by supporting documents and case studies which can be downloaded on the individual work shop pages which can be found here.

If you use the Six Steps to Success programme we would be grateful if  you contact the authors for audit purpose and could provide any feedback which may help to develop the programme.

E. H. – Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cancer Network

C. F. – Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network

C. T. – previously of Cumbria and Lancashire End of Life Network.

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